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For anyone seeing a black screen, press ALT+ENTER to exit fullscreen.


You have been arrested for murder. Not just any murder, of course. Murder of the President. With your foot. You have been sent on an airship to a discreet location to be imprisoned for the rest of your life. In this airship there are 527 criminals just as bad as you. However, you feel a little discriminated against, seeing as the guards decided to lock you in a cell on top of the airship all by yourself. You hear there's a buffet down there. If you want to do anything but sit here and rot, your only option is to break out of this cell.

Now, being the person who stomped a hole in the White House floor, you clearly aren't a rookie. You've got friends. One of your associates deals largely with explosives and incendiaries, which sounds like exactly what you might need. Your associate reached the airship just before it took off, and snuck aboard. Sadly, before he could blow you out, he was caught. But not before leaving you a little something to help you.

You must be careful. If you mess this up, the whole ship will come down. You don't want that. Then again, it may be your only choice...

[Hold SPACE to charge your attack.]
[Release SPACE to unleash your attack]

Made for the Mini Jam


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It's spelled "incendiaries". You may want to correct the description.

I haven't played the game yet, but it sounds pretty neat!

thx, will fix


Even the game is not too much game play wise, the art is LEGITNESSS!!

many thanks! (i dunno why i didn't reply earlier lmao)